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Beijing Performance


Beijing OperaToday,Beijing is really a capital of fairs,culture,folk customs and festivals,a metropolis with ancient-capital charm and modern vigor.In addition to traditional festivals and celebrations every year,a good many of national and even international fairs took place here,including the yearly Beijing International Books Exhibition,Auto Show,Communications Fair,as well as performances and fairs of top artists from all over China and the world.

Beijing will not only ensure that you have a full and interesting day but will also present you with colorful choices when darkness falls.

Night life was unknown to many people in Beijing 20 years ago, and the word wasn't even used. But nowadays it is very common,Traditional performances such as the Beijing Opera, acrobatic shows and dramatic performances in the teahouses are popular with the more mature visitors to the city, especially for young people, to go out in the evenings and spend their time at cinemas, theatres, nightclubs, song and dance halls, Karaoke clubs, restaurants or bars.

Now the city has witnessed a mushrooming of foreign theme pubs, new exotic bars and locally-run techno-clubs. Foreign pubs, bars, cafes and disco clubs attract foreign residents and tourists as well as young Chinese. The admission fee is usually about 50-80 yuan and beer is 15-20 yuan


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